Friday, March 23, 2012

Liberated Stars for the Back of Double 4 Patch

Well, you might not know this but I'm REALLY TRYING not to start any new projects and am focusing on finishing the WIP's (Works In Progress) that I've already is so difficult....  BUT since I like to make my quilts two sided.....and I have a couple of  wonderful books on Liberated Sewing (Gwen Marsten and Freddy Moran's books) I have discovered a way to do something new while finishing something that has been laying around for awhile.  These liberated star blocks will be the backing for my Double 4 Patch..  I will assemble the quilt using Quilt As You Go.  The quilt will go together in four segments.  Oh JOY!!!!

Quizás no supieron que en verdad estoy luchando a no empezar proyectos nuevos.  El foco mío es terminar el montón de proyectos que ya tengo comenzado… vida es tan cruel!  PERO debido del hecho que me gusta hacer los quilts con dos vistas…..y ya tengo unos libros dedicado a “Liberated Sewing” (Costura Liberado) escrito por Gwen Marsten y Freddy Moran, he encontrado una manera de empezar algo nuevo y el mismo tiempo terminar un proyecto viejo.  Estos bloques de estrellas liberado será el back del Double 4 Patch.  Voy a construir el quilt usando el método “Quilt As You Go.  Compondré el quilt en cuatro segmentos.  ¡¡Que dichoso!!


  1. Wow, what a great idea! I love both sides.... it would be hard to decide which side to have up on the bed!

  2. These are awesome. I have only made a handful of wonky stars and these make me want to make more. I absolutely love the way they look.