Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some Stuff, It's Supposed to Be Good For YOU!!

Just trying to show the little things I've been doing......not much really.  I'm still in a sewing funk.

Ok these two above are April's Block Lotto blocks.  I only had time to make two this month.  They were fun to make but I'm donating them with no chance to win.  Butterflies, eehhh....not my favorite block theme so someone else can love them!

One side

Inside the Bag

and the beans are out of the bag and everyone in my sewing group knows that they are getting one of these ruffled purses for their birthday presents.  I love them and someday I will make one for myself!!

I have about three skirts that I LOVE and my pal Adriana helped me draw the pattern so I can make a whole heap of them!!  So light and comfy - no zippers - no buttons!

and then there are these chaps!!  I just love these guys but I keep giving them away!!!  But well they are kinda like kid's stuff!!  Someday.....I make some to keep!!