Friday, January 17, 2014

Life! 8 X 11 Project and Scrappy Trips

I have finally gotten this down from my design wall and am finishing the lettering.  The "Be Sunny" letters are made - now I just have to sew them onto the little quilt and bat and quilt and bind the little feller!  This project is long past due to be completed.....ARG!!

And this old project.....I'm going to just finishe this and NOT make more blocks.  It can be something to go on a table.  I just simply have to start finishing all my ancient UFO's!  That's my goal for 2014 to cut my UFO count down by a third at least - if I'm very good.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sewing Together and Getting a Feel For the Colors

the photo really tells the story......these background greens are all in my "Light Green Box" and if you notice the inner round of  "light greens" on the top flower are the lightest.....I tried to put the 'darker' lights on the outside round.....  Then on the bottom flower those greens are all my 'darker' lights......

right now I have a

Light Green Hexagon Box
Medium Greem Hexagon Box
and a
Dark Green Hexagon Box

You can see in the photo that there is a fine line between some of the light and medium greens - well maybe you could if I was a better photographer.

SO, I think I need a:

Light Green Hexagon Box
Light Medium Green Hexagon Box
Medium Green Hexagon Box
Dark Medium Hexagon Box
and a
Dark Green Hexagon Box

then I will probably find a need for more Green Hexagon Boxes.......

but I'm learning all the time!!!   I'm learning that I'm going to need a lot more greens!!!!