Sunday, March 1, 2020

Hey All! I'm still out here in Quilterslandia!

Where have I been?  And why can't I be a better blogger?  Well, it's just how I am.  Life has marched on as it does until it doesn't anymore!

So here I am with a completed project to talk about - TWO YEARS AGO!!!  OK, this quilt was made for my God-Daughter's Wedding quilt.  The top design came from a book by Kathy Doughty named "Material Obessions 2".  The book was brought down to me in Mexico by my god-daughter in 2010 and at the time I asked her to mark 3 quilts that she liked.  This was on of them and the name is Now & Then.  And the back.....well it was just playing and the inspirations came from two quilt books, the letters are from Tonya Ricucci's "Word Play Quilts" and the border's from Dianne S. Hire's book "Quilters Playtime: Games with Fabrics".  It was loads of fun to make!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Back again. It has been ages!!!!

OK, so I'm not a good blogger.  In my defense I've have been in a years long sewing slump.  Apparently not no more!!!  I got a book off my shelf and started playing with the "games" from this wonderful book and these photos show a little bit of what I have accomplished.  Just Playing!!!

Ya sabemos que no soy un buen blogger.  En defensa propia no he tenido ganas de coser por mucho tiempo.  PERO.....¡Aparentemente ya no más!  Saqué un libro de mi estante y comencé a practicar los "juegos" de este maravailloso libro.  Estas fotos muestran un poco de lo que he logrado.  ¡¡¡Solo jugando!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some Stuff, It's Supposed to Be Good For YOU!!

Just trying to show the little things I've been doing......not much really.  I'm still in a sewing funk.

Ok these two above are April's Block Lotto blocks.  I only had time to make two this month.  They were fun to make but I'm donating them with no chance to win.  Butterflies, eehhh....not my favorite block theme so someone else can love them!

One side

Inside the Bag

and the beans are out of the bag and everyone in my sewing group knows that they are getting one of these ruffled purses for their birthday presents.  I love them and someday I will make one for myself!!

I have about three skirts that I LOVE and my pal Adriana helped me draw the pattern so I can make a whole heap of them!!  So light and comfy - no zippers - no buttons!

and then there are these chaps!!  I just love these guys but I keep giving them away!!!  But well they are kinda like kid's stuff!!  Someday.....I make some to keep!!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!!!

I got my nine blocks finished for the Block Lottery at  I just hope I'm a winner this month.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hello Friends

Oh I just remembered I'm supposed to be a blogger!!!!! 

Then what should I blog about - Oh YES, quilting projects.  Dang!  I haven't really been doing too much of that for the longest time it seems.  Sew then what?   Just Squirreling around and making parts of things but not really making anything.

2015 I made all my quilting buddies Squirrels - I think I posted a bit about them.  Well I made a whole heap of them and they were so hard to give away because I sorta fell in love with the things.

Oh what else.....I only finished ONE quilt in 2015 - One big one  - Ok technically I finished two
 quilts  - a biggish one and a small one.......The Biggish one I've blogged about.....a blue and yellow quilt from a class I took years ago at "Quilt University" I just revisited the thing.....  The Little One I don't have a photo of YET.

Now here's a more interesting question......What projects did I start in 2015?  Loads of hand sewn projects. 

1.  The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt Along by Katsja Marek- only got to month 3 of the 12 month project and lost steam  - I've posted photos of these here too 'cuz I started all gung-ho in Jan 2015 - I get so easily distracted..... 

These two photo above represent the first three months of the project......I'll get back to one day.....

I just let the project go.....

because I was distracted by

2.  La Passacaglia Millefiore project 

Sew those are my La Passacaglia rosettes - there needs to be just tons of them.  These are much smaller pieces than the New Hexagon Millefiore pieces.  It's all very times consuming...

my head was just exploding all over the place with those two projects but they are so time consuming and my eyes got tired and my hands hurts......whine whine whine......but it is fun but heck

Both Millefiore projects have Facebook pages and those took up a good chunk of my time.......

3. & 4. and I'm continuing with 1" and 1/2" hexagon projects - they also are very portable but the big bulky magnifying glass lamp isn't and boy does that lamp making work on these projects SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE!!!

these two regular more conventional hexagon projects are just sitting ATM - the top one well I have the concept in my head but the carrying out of it is escaping me.....and the bottom one....I just have to make more hexagons but distraction is a HUGE problem with me......

The Endless World II by Noriko Kido

This project is inspired by a quilt that I saw at the 2014 Houston Quilt Show by a lady named Noriko Kido and the quilt she made is named "The Endless World II".  This is made with 1/2" hexagons and is just a tiny tiny bit of the center.....I don't think I'm going to copy or try to do my version of the whole quilt.  I just wanted to see what working with the little hexagons was like, time consuming.....

5.  oh YES AND DON'T FORGET..... I've been crocheting little animals.  Oh I love them too - and I've given all but 3 away and they too are hard to part with and I want to make more

I've made somewhere around 8 of these Lions and Bears - Most of them have found new homes.  The patterns are from a book I bought from Martingale Press.  They really are fun to make.

6.   I've been making some purses too.....real pretty ones.

7.  The Quilt I am working on for a friend and I am afraid I'm taking forever to finish it..... It's called "July Sparkles"  I've got almost half of it quilted .  I picked a very dense form of quilting and I feel so dense to have chosen this quilting - it's almost as if I just want to make this as long and drawn out as possible!!!! ARG!!!!

 I'm at the quilting stage with this quilt but it's been real slow going.

8.  I participated in the Block Lotto and bit too.  I didn't make blocks every month but well I did do some

 These are March 2016 offerings for Block Lotto - if I want a chance at winning (and I do) I'll have to make 3 more before the 31st of this's do-able.

9.  I tried my hand at a few "Feathered Star" block just because I've always wanted to make them and I just thought I'd try.  They are so tedious!!  Pretty hard to get them just right.....but I didn't totally fail.  Just fell short of getting them perfect and then I quit doing that and the block are hanging on my design wall for a long time now......

I used fabric from a Collection I've been saving for no special purpose.....these are so challenging but I did enjoy making them!!  Maybe one day they will become pillow covers.......

10.  Oh I made Christmas Ornaments for some people - the ladies in my Quilt Group and some for me!!!

I made just tons of these and I still want to make more for this year.......

and there are more things but I can't conjure them up yet......

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Just Craziness

Yes, just craziness.....starting yet another project.  And one that just gobbles up time.

So I started making half inch hexagons for this new English Paper Piecing Project.  I just can't help myself.....

It's pinned onto a 23" x 19" piece of cardboard so far.

This is my inspiration, Endless World II by Noriko Kido.  I saw it in Houston last fall at the Quilt Show and it's been teasing me ever since!!

Fabi says she'd rather go for a walk!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


I am continually creating more English Paper Pieced Hexagons and Squirreling them away.  But this week I've actually sown some of them together.  Ones that will be added to my 'Flower Garden' project that is featured in the book "Handfuls of Scraps" by Edyta Sitar.  For some time now I've been re-arranging my sewing space and I've organized my stash better and I've run across lots of good fabric candidates for this Flower Garden so maybe, MAYBE, we will see some progress in this quarter.......

Estoy continuamente creando más 'English Paper Pieced' hexágonos y guardandolos. Pero esta semana he costurado algunos de ellos juntos para que se añadirá a mi proyecto "Jardín de flores" que se ofrece en el libro "Handfuls of Scraps" por Edyta Sitar. Desde hace algún tiempo he estado re-arreglando mi espacio de costura y he organizado mis telas mejor y me he encontrado  un montón de buenos candidatos tela para usar en este 'Jardín de flores' así que tal vez veremos algunos avances en este proyecto .......

Oh and I did make two little flowerettes for no good reason other than I wanted to.  I will save them and perhaps someday I will discover a purpose for them.

Ah, y yo hice dos pequeños flowerettes para ninguna buena razón. Yo los salvaré y tal vez algún día descubriré un propósito para ellos.