Monday, September 20, 2010

Adding Borders to Chaos/Aumentando Borderes a Caos

I'm at the border stage of this quilt.....could it be possible that I can finish it in the month of March??? That would keep me on schedule of completing one quilt per month, even though the Quilt As You Go Quilt didn't really get finished in February. It was an early March completion, so I will count it as a February quilt only if I finish another quilt in March, that would be the "Many Scrappy Trips Quilt". Wish me luck....I'll need it!
OH, BTW, Which inner border do you prefer? The Dark Dark Green or the Rich Rusty Red? I have one more option but didn't have time to cut it and put it up on the wall.....

Estoy en la etapa de borderes con este quilt.....¿¿¿podría ser possible a terminar en el mes de Marzo??? Si termino voy a quedarme con mi meta de cumplir uno quilt por mes, aunque no terminé el quilt "Quilt As You Go" en el mes de Febrero, lo terminé en los principios del mes de Marzo. Contaré "Quilt As You Go" como un quilt de Febrero solo si termino este version de "Many Scrappy Trips" en Marzo. Que me desean mucho suerte.....¡lo necesito! Y, ¿Cual border prefiere? ¿El Verde Oscuro o el Rojo Oxido? Tengo otro tela que quiere probar pero no tuve tiempo para corta y poner en la pared el diseño.

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