Saturday, October 19, 2013

Long Time - No Post

 Yes it's been ages since I blogged.......sorry.....but I've had a spot of bother.   I had surgery for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.....and leading up to the surgery my hand hurt a bit and now I'm recuperating.....but it's all going to be so much better!!!  Now here is the "Sparkle" quilt top assembled to the point of ready to batt and quilt.  And I was practicing up on my free motion quilting until this surgery thing I have to wait a bit longer to start the practicing again.
 The First Back Segment is assembled & the Second one too.....just couldn't locate a photo - which I know I hhave!!!....somewhere....
 Then in between all of the above I've been captured by the 'English Paper Pieceing' technique.  It's a great hand project that is so very portable.  I'm in the process of converting my scraps into hexagons and am saving them up for a number of ideas.
 It's so relaxing for me to just sit and cover 'petals' while watching TV in the evening
or if I'm out and find myself waiting around for this that or the other I have a little kit in my purse just to take out and entertain myself......someday I'll have a finished product - or not!


  1. the backing is quilt top worthy on its own!!! Heal fast and sew!!!

  2. Oh, you are so a lady after my own heart with the hexagons. I have been taking my scraps and making hex's with them for years. I just love the portability of them, just like you. And like you, I've had a wrist problem. I broke my left wrist in July. It is so nice to get back into the swing with all my projects now that I am healed and can do it all again. Like hand quilting and my hexagons. Good luck with your healing process.

  3. Hmmm. I like the golden ones, too! I also like the front and back of your quilt. Like Joe, I think each one could be a front!