Tuesday, July 9, 2013

One Step Forward - Two Steps Back and a fun diversion......

OK, here's the deal, I'm making the Sparkle July Quilt and it calls for all manner of dark fabrics.....and for me the greater the variety of fabrics the greater the joy......AND I KNEW this piece of very dark green was somewhere in  my stash.  I have looked and looked and looked.....OK my stash isn't well organized and it's an agony getting to all that I have......BUT I knew it was somewhere......finally I opened bins of "works in progress" and there it was........
 Saved away to use with this old old old project from 2010ish or maybe older....BUT I remember NOW!!  I was saving it to use in the sashing.....and didn't want to accidently use it elsewhere so I stored it with the project......I'm not as dim as I appear!!!

But in order to begin cutting up this lovely very dark green I needed to be sure I had used all I needed for this Old Wonky quilt project.   So  -  Two steps backwards to advance one step forward  -  plus my attention was getting bored with "Sparkle July" and it was just what the bored old doctor ordered....a chance to work on an old exciting project.....you see I got stuck on this project when I was contemplating what to do about the corner stones in the sashing.......and you know what?  It came to me to use a fun old fabric that was just waiting around for a use........fussy cut flowers to put at the corners.......after photographing my progress today......I see I'm going to be changing the corner stones in the mid section of the quilt.....I'm going to make all the corner stones out of the big red flowers......just something I didn't see until I photographed it.....  Well, I know better to go ahead and sew before snapping shots.....but I really didn't know better.....NOW I have to the fun and exciting opportunity to un-sew 6 corner stones....no big deal, I already un-sewed 6 corner stones that were already in place when I found this project in it's storage place.

I bought this fabric back at the beginning of my quilting career in a border town of McAllen, Texas.  The fabrics were all so very inexpensive......some had flaws and not all were really good quilting fabrics.....but what did I know then ..... and what do I know NOW???  I'm using it anyway.....

I belong to the "No Rules" faction of the quilting community.

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  1. Oh, my, I'll get repetitious and say again that I love what you're doing. The sashing between these blocks is perfect!