Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm BACK!!//Ya Regresé

Just got back from vacation.  We loaded up Frankenstien and took the dogs on a fun filled adventure to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.  It is our favorite vacation spot and we loved the cool climate.  Oh, to wear sweater and jeans!!

But the roads going down were a nightmare!!!  Landslides and disappearing pavement.....several times we asked ourselves if we were getting too old for all this mess.....  This one really made me fill like we might actually slide off the side of the mountain....YIKES!

But  few days after arriving the rain stopped and we had lovely sunny weather and it was all worth the bother.  Besides we just love the Marimba Music.


And I found a bit of inspiration for a future project......

OH yes, and if you were wondering about FRANKENSTIEN.....

our Chevy Van with the cut off top of our old and terminally broken VW Camper welded on with VW Camper windows installed on the back sides to add a bit of air throughout the van.  Frank may not be pretty but we love traveling in him just the same.....have bed will travel!!!

Fabiola says "Let's do it again real soon!"  The dogs were very good and we all had a blast!!!

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