Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Curtain Quilt finished but not Mounted

OH BOY this monster has a binding!! I used a new binding technique but I had mixed results. I did the double fold (or just folded and pressed the whole binding in half with the wrong side together) and made one long binding strip and sewed it all around the quilt, folding at the corners which is new for me. I normally cut the binding for each side with about 2 inches for each end to later sew the corners and then stitch the binding to each side and make the corners well, this isn't making any sense and I don't know how to make it make sense.....sorry.... The result being that it was much faster applying the binding but the corners don't look so good. I love this quilt but I will also confess that the quilting is not to my liking either. The quilt was just so BIG (130" x 98) and I did NOT construct it using the Quilt As You Go method. OH WELL...... the quilt part is finished. I just have to figure out how I want to hang the curtain.....

¡Sí!  Está terminado hasta el bies!!  Usé nuevo técnico para coser el bies y no es perfecto.  Doblé en mitad y costuré el bies doblando las esquinas pero las esquinas resultaron no tan bueno.  El técnico que normalmente uso toma más tiempo pero no puedo explicar muy bien….lo siento….  En fin el técnico nuevo fue más rápido pero las esquinas no son bonitas.  Me encanta este quilt pero tengo que decirles el quilting tampoco no es muy bueno.  El quilt fue demasiado grande (130” x 98”) y no lo construyé usando “Quilt As You Go” técnico.  NI MODO…..el quilt ya está terminado.  Solo necesito pensar como voy a colgar la cortina…..

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  1. On my way to the red-faced post and stopped dead in my tracks here. This is beautiful!! I LOVE it.
    Excuse me while I go stare some more!